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‘The Diamond demolition’ in the Kolkata derby


The year was 1997, and on the 13th of July, the stage was set for the biggest clash in Indian football – the Kolkata derby. Mohun Bagan and East Bengal were to battle it out at the Salt Lake Stadium which is the second biggest non-motorsport stadium in the world. The Kolkata Derby Mohun Bagan AC was set up in ...

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Mikel Arteta,the Media Puntas and the False 9s


A month ago,i came across this brilliant article by Phil Ball,on the power and rise of the media punta. He explains the reasons behind its importance and states that with an abundance of media puntas,Spain can dominate the world in the years to come. In that article Ball mentioned that,Arsene Wenger was the only manager in England who tried to introduce ...

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The Death Of The Box-To-Box Midfielder.


In English football, some of the most celebrated players in recent history have been the dynamic box-to-box midfielders. Typified by Lampard and Gerrard in recent times, their place in English hearts is secure. These players are seen as the heartbeat or engine room of a team. We here in Britain have historically placed more emphasis on physicality, strength and stamina ...

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The erratic locomotive prediction machine agitates once more into action


English football descended into pandemonium this week as fans and pundits alike have been unashamedly changing their Premier League predictions after just two games. Not since the Kaiser Chiefs predicted a riot but instead brought five albums of toilsome, handjive-cum-bodypop shuffle-pop has there been such collective nationwide indifference. Last season, Paddy Power settled all bets on Chelsea to win the league in November, but whispers that ...

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8 things to look forward to in the next round of the World Cup [Satire]


Xavi to examine the grass length before the Chile gameIt’s commonly known fact that if Barcelona/Spain ever lose a game then it’s because of the excessive grass on the pitch. So Xavi has taken it upon himself to cut the grass if it’s too lengthy,so that Spain can dominate possession and have a higher passing rate than Italy(Who have the ...

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5 reasons why Manchester United will beat Bayern Munich


Even David Moyes thinks the headline is funny Read on,at the end of the article,I am sure you will agree with us that,United are going to dish out a thrashing on tuesday. Bayern Munich have no instant noodle partnerDuring half time,which is one snack which can be prepared in minutes,nutritious and tasty at the same time? Of course it is ...

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5 Reasons why David Moyes has been good for Manchester United


Even Moyes seems shocked at our headline Note-If you don’t get satire please don’t read moreManchester United are now universally popularManchester United were easily the most hated club in the world when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. Take a poll among football fans in any part of the world asking who they hated the most,Manchester United comfortably came first. David Moyes ...

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