4 exciting managers who could replace Xavi at Barcelona


With Xavi Hernández set to depart as Barcelona’s head coach, the club faces the task of finding a successor who can uphold its prestigious legacy. This choice will be crucial in shaping Barcelona’s future, both in maintaining its iconic playing style and in achieving success in the challenging landscape of modern football.

Rafa Márquez: The Familiar Choice

Rafa Márquez, the current coach of Barcelona’s B team, stands as a familiar face with a deep understanding of the club’s philosophy. His close relationships with key figures like Deco and Joan Laporta make him a strong internal candidate. However, his lack of elite-level coaching experience raises questions about his readiness for such a high-profile role.

Thiago Motta: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Another former Barcelona player, Thiago Motta, now at Bologna, offers a blend of the club’s traditional values and his tactical prowess. His understanding of Barcelona’s historical playing style, combined with his experience in Italian football, could bring a fresh tactical approach. Nonetheless, his relatively limited top-flight management experience could be seen as a risk.

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Sergio Conceição: The Proven Tactician

Sergio Conceição, the current Porto head coach, is a tactician with a proven track record, including multiple titles with Porto. His ability to adapt strategies to different opponents makes him a compelling candidate. However, fitting into Barcelona’s specific playing style and culture could be challenging, given his different footballing background.

A Surprise Selection: Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp, known for his success at Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, could be a surprise yet ambitious choice. His high-energy, pressing style aligns with Barcelona’s attacking football philosophy. Convincing him to forego his planned sabbatical would be challenging, but his appointment would be a major statement.


The decision on Xavi Hernández’s successor at Barcelona is more than just a managerial change; it’s about choosing a path that respects the club’s rich history while adapting to future challenges. Whether it’s the familiarity of Márquez and Motta, the experience of Conceição, or the bold choice of Klopp, Barcelona’s decision will be pivotal in defining its trajectory in the coming years.

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