Contemporary tactics are extremely complex and somewhat overwhelming, however I’d recommend any novice read their Football tactics for Beginners articles to fill in the blanks.-Left-Wing Soccer on The False 9

TF9 is on the lookout for new contributors from all over the world. We want people with fresh and creative ideas so that we can take TF9 forward.

As we primarily deal with Football Tactics, we are looking for writers who can write regularly on the tactical side of the game.  Your articles will get promoted via Newsnow,Facebook(15,000+ fans), Twitter(10,000+ Followers), and various other channels. Most importantly we don’t care whether you are writing your first article or your 100th.

What if I am not interested in tactics?

We are open to all sorts of articles on all aspects of football like satire, finance, history, the lower league,etc. If you follow youth football, then you can contribute to our Rough Diamonds series. Good at satire? We have a running series on satire on the site. So unless you are writing about transfer rumours, you can always send the article and we will take a look.

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share it. You can use the contact page to write to us or the email id given below.


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