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Interview with ESPN on Jurgen Klinsmann’s tactics

That strategy is in line with the general trend, according to Ritesh Gogineni, editor of tactics blog The False 9.

“From the late 2000s, pace has arguably grown to be one of the most important attributes for a soccer player,” he told ESPN FC. Think about the superstars of the sport — the Gareth Bales or the Cristiano Ronaldos — who succeed at least in part because of their otherworldly athleticism and point-A-to-point-B speed. While the American players might lack their technical ability, Klinsmann is attempting to cover that deficiency with sheer speed.

Contemporary tactics are extremely complex and somewhat overwhelming, however I’d recommend any novice read their Football tactics for Beginners articles to fill in the blanks.-Left-Wing Soccer on The False 9

I even bored Glynn Snodin with liberos and double pivots this week so I follow @TheFalse_9 to make me feel better. Fantastic blog.-Laure James( NI Football editor, Daily Mail/talkSPORT/BBC Sport NI contributor)

TheFalse_9 one of this week’s Premier League predictors for The Football Front, great blogger, incredible website.-The Football Front

Zonal Marking’s Michael Cox is the best tactical analyst I know off, but The False 9 isn’t far behind when it comes to dissecting inverted wingers, carilleros and double pivots.- Football Farrago

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