The Winning Strategies of Today’s Betting Apps

The digital revolution has spearheaded a new genre of betting platforms, making the once-tedious task of placing bets a very simple task. As we stand right now, betting apps lead the charge, offering punters a portable gateway to UK-approved bookmakers. The market, packed with competitors, sees only the fittest survive and thrive. So, what spells […]

Three Games in May [Book Excerpt]

  Wednesday 21st April 1999 UEFA Champions League—Semi-final, Second leg Juventus 2 Manchester United 3 Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin Attendance: 60,806 Referee: Urs Meier, Switzerland Juventus: Peruzzi, Ferrara, Birindelli, Pessotto, Juliano,  Deschamps, Di Livio, Conte, Davids, Zidane—Substitutes:  Montero, Foncesca, Amoruso, Tudor, Tacchinardi, Esnaider. Manchester United: Schmeichel, Neville (G), Irwin, Keane,  Johnsen, Stam, Beckham, Butt, Cole, […]

FIFA Women’s World Cup – What We Know So Far About Group D

With the FIFA Men’s World Cup coming to a close, many football fans are clamoring for more. The 2022 World Cup drew in a huge crowd, many of whom elected to stay and dig a little deeper into the sport. For those fans, the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup will certainly be a treat. Scheduled […]

Football Shirts and Colour Blindness

Recently Thomas Delaney said: “It is difficult to describe. It’s like seeing different shades of the same colour,” raising some interesting points that many may not have considered around the subject and how colour blindness can influence the football experience for many a fan and player. For full disclosure, there are many different types of colour blindness […]

Manchester City Beat Manchester United To Reach Carabao Cup Final

In 2021 the fight between the top clubs in Manchester continues as United experience a 2-0 crushing defeat to City seeing them knocked out of the carabao cup. But with this defeat comes the Chance for City to face off against Tottenham for the cup trophy. In this article, we will be telling you more […]

Do Premier League Players Have a Say in Their Transfers?

Americans know that in sports, there is a widespread culture where players don’t have a final say in their destinies, with exceedingly rare exceptions. However, it is a different story with European leagues and especially the Premier League, as players have some ways of forcing their way out of their clubs, even though there is […]

The Best Football Books of 2020

best football books 2020

It’s been another eventful year in the world of football. As we look forward to 2021, we have compiled a list of the best football books of 2020. The list includes books on football history, tactics, politics, and much much more. Best Football Books 2020 Wenger: My Life and Lessons in Red and White Arsene […]

Who is likely to be in the Premier League next year?

As we approach the Christmas period, which traditionally marks the halfway season in the Premier League, many fans will be starting to do one of two things. If their team is towards the top of the table, they’ll be getting excited about the promotion. If their team is at the bottom of the table, they’ll […]

The Worst Managers in Premier League History

The Premier League has been the home for some of the best managers the world of football has ever seen. Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, and many more, have spent the majority of their coaching careers in England. However, there have been some managers that took up the reigns of a […]

The Power of Football in Politics and Society

Football, and footballers, have long been stuck with a bad reputation. Hooliganism colours many people’s opinions of the sport just as much as the highly inflated salaries of players, while instances of corruption within governing bodies often raise serious question marks over the value of football in our society. Although some of the criticisms levelled […]

Foul- The Beautiful Game, An Ugly Truth [Book Excerpt]

The clip-clop of football boot studs on concrete echoed through the tunnel over the hum of distant crowd noise. A drenched team of players wearing black kits with gold trim plodded towards their dressing room. Not a word was uttered amongst them. All eyes were down except for one pair. Gunnar Magnusson, the number four […]

Great Squads From History – Bayer Leverkusen 2001-2002

The 2001-02 great Bayer Leverkusen side is infamous for their incredible choke job in the last stretch of the season, losing out on three major trophies in quick succession which gives them the incredible distinction of overachieving and underachieving at the same time. For Leverkusen the 2001-02 season was supposed to be the culmination of […]

Are defensive players undervalued? A quantitative analysis

I always believed that defensive players might be undervalued compared to offensive ones, especially in the Premier League. Now, this was just a point of view, but this time, I thought, I would try to use data to figure it out! The plan was simple: First link goals taken or scored to points earned, then […]

Súper Dépor! The rise and fall of Deportivo La Coruña

At the Start With the exception of a 2nd place finish to Helenio Herrera’s Atlético Madrid in 1948/49, Deportivo La Coruña have historically plied their trade in Spain’s second division since their inception in 1906. For a large portion of the 20th century, they were most famed for producing two Spanish legends: Amancio Amaro, who […]

The ironic situation at Olympique de Marseille

Since the American Businessman, Frank McCourt bought the club in 2016, and despite a Europa League final two years ago, OM has failed to finish in a UCL spot for three years straight. They finally did it thanks to a competitive team and a great manager. In the wake of this success, the sporting director […]

A look at Simone Inzaghi’s managerial era at S.S Lazio

simone inzaghi tactics

The Lazio team of 2020 has captured the Serie A fans’ attention with their incredible playing style along with strong results which has seen them become serious title contenders. In this article, I take a look at the tenure of Simone Inzaghi and how he has transformed the club on their way to winning titles […]

The tactical flexibility of Ralph Hasenhuttl’s Southampton:

  Hasenhuttl has certain areas of the first team’s play that he wants to improve before the Premier League kicks-off again in August. Having arrived mid-season and in the midst of a relegation battle it was a case of Hasenhuttl having to adapt as he went along. But he wants to head into a new […]