Premier League Week #1-Chalkboards

Using the Guardian’s Chalkboards we look for interesting statistics from the weekend’s games and put them here for you guys.
Found an interesting Chalkboard?Just comment below,we will make sure it is added here!

Tom Cleverley has a great future

Looking at the above chalkboard,the first thing on notices that Cleverley has been all over the place.He is mobile,composed and doesnt give up possession easily.Just 6 of his passes over 90 minutes failed to reach the target.One stat which is not shown above is interceptions and tackles,and Cleverley showed us yesterday that he was quite good in the defensive department too.

Charlie Adam should show more responsibilty

 All the “hollywood” balls which Adam tried out failed to reach their target.Agreed that he was one of the players who impressed and also has an assist to his name,Adam should realise that he doesn’t have a free role at Liverpool and he may be better off with shorter passes rather than the long ball as he is surrounded by players of higher quality

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David De Gea’s Distribution

This was pointed out by a certain Caramero25 over on the Guardian website that many commentators said that De Gea’s distribution was excellent.But it looks like that the Spaniard has to work on that aspect too.Compare it with the present third-choice Spain goalkeeper it looks real bad.
Note-The Upper Chalkboard is De Gea’s distribution although it says it is Reina’s.
Young needs to improve his crossing
Although Young fitted in brilliantly in United,especially his understanding with Rooney augurs well for England too,none of his crosses managed to find a player in red.He may be better off in taking a shot or cutting back inside and passing

6 Responses

  1. Hope I’m not being too critical when I say that all the chalkboards seem orientated towards attacking/passing. I’d also point out that one of Young’s runs and crosses directly brought about United’s second goal. Nevertheless I look forward to next weeks article.

  2. @JPKD thanks for the suggestion,next week we ll try to put up some defensive stats as well
    A young run into the box brought a goal,it was his crosses from the touchline which were the problem,so its better for him to run at defenders cutting inside rather than crossing from the outside

  3. If you don’t mind me doing so, I’d like to make a couple of requests regarding this feature.

    I’d like to see more comparison chalkboards, as I feel they can show more insight into stats rather than saying “this player played well as his stats look good”, especially for those that have transferred this summer (i.e. Tom Cleverley and Ashley Young’s equivalent stats for the West Bromwich versus Wigan Athletic game last season, or Blackpool versus Sunderland for Charlie Adam’s Hollywood passing) or whether they are an improvement on a player they have replaced in the side (i.e. comparing Tom Cleverley and Anderson’s stats with those of Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick).

    Obviously, showing that Tom Cleverley had a high percentage of successful passes, and that Charlie Adam misplaced many long balls, are telling stats anyway.

    It would also be nice to see comparison stats for teams who have a new manager, (i.e. has Roy Hodgson really improved West Bromwich defence), or whether an injury to a key player affects specific stats involved with the position of that player (i.e. has Stuart Holden’s injury really affect how Bolton performed in the middle of the park, and did Park’s injury really affect their wing play)

    And just more chalkboards in general would improve this already great feature.

    Regardless of whether my requests are implemented in anyway, keep up the excellent work. This website is certainly a must-read, even more so with the beginning of a new season.

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