Will switching to the 4-3-3 formation solve Man United’s midfield problems?


Manchester United’s season got off to a disastrous start against Brighton as they stumbled to a 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford. Eric ten Hag in his first ever game as the manager was unable make any difference as the team looked and played exactly like last season under Solskjaer and later under Rangnick. United’s biggest problem is their midfield two of Fred and Scott McTominay. We anyway don’t expect much from them two going forward but even without the ball, both of them were caught multiple times failing to track back as Brighton pushed their midfielders forward. Ten Hag has a huge challenge on his hands as the pressure on him has already ramped up quite a bit. With their next game against Brentford, it would be a good idea to bet against United with their current form. So if you are a betting person, check out Sports Betting, to place a bet against Manchester United


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Man United’s 4-3-3 Formation



This 4-3-3 formation will allow United to play their best midfielder in Christian Eriksen in the center of the pitch. Although Eriksen doesn’t have pace or the energy, he will be ably supported by Fred who plays a similar role for Brazil. Scott McTominay on the other hand should occupy a much deeper position screening the defence instead of going forward. This midfield three will allow United to at least make the best use of their three midfielders’ best attributes. Fred’s energy, McTominay’s physical presence and Eriksen’s vision and passing can come to the fore with this combination.

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