Fun Bets to Make During a Football Game


There’s something magical about football. Whether it is the larger-than-life personas of the players, the excitement of the competitions, or the actual thrill of the games, football never ceases to impress and entertain. No wonder then that football is also one of the most bettable sports in the market right now, with thousands of people wagering on different aspects of the game at all times.

The good news at present is that football season is back on and we can expect to watch some great action soon enough. What started with the Bundesliga’s return, has resulted in a domino effect with leagues beginning one after another. Now, for punters, the business never really stops. Already, professionals are betting on possible transfers in the Premier League and picking up early odds on which team is likely to win. However, if you are someone new, think about making some wagers on a few fun and unusual bets, as they can prove to be equally lucrative.


Although most bookies take out bets for plenty of possibilities when it comes to football, many first-time sports bettors are unaware that websites also offer a build your own odd option. In this, you can contact the bookmaker and bet on something completely different. One such bet to make is on substitutes and if a particular footballer will get playtime or not. One especially gets to see this at the start of a league season. Managers typically hold back new players during the first few games only allowing them to go in as substitutes. So betting on them can be a fun way to earn some side cash besides wagering on common bets like who will win the match.

The Divers

What about a bet that is totally eccentric in nature? We are sure you are aware that certain footballers are known for diving. Now, whether it is because they actually got hurt or are faking it, is for the referee to decide. In fact, the jury is out on why footballers dive in the first place. Nevertheless, for you, it is an excellent chance to make a unique wager. If you find one of the regular culprits playing in a game, put a small amount of money on them to dive and see if they can help you earn some cash with their antics.

Extra Time

You might be aware that live betting during football games is quite popular nowadays. Although you can always wait till half-time and then wager on who is likely to win, a more exciting option is to bet on whether a game will go into extra time or not. With last minute goals changing the nature of a football match completely, an extra-time bet is perfect for experiencing the thrill of sports betting.

Red Cards

Very much like the players known for diving, there are a few who almost always end up on Santa’s naughty list for doing something they shouldn’t when on the field. Well, guess what, you can bet on the total number of cards a team will get, or be more specific and wager on a particular player getting a red card. Bets like these are usually made in addition to the primary wagers, and you’ll be surprised that they can often be more profitable than the stakes promoted by the bookmakers.

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