Pep Guardiola explains how to receive the ball [Video]

Many consider Pep Guardiola to be one of the greatest football coaches of the modern game. His Barcelona team between 2009 and 2011 certainly are the best football team we have seen in the past two decades. Although his Bayern Munich tenure will be considered as a “failure” by many due to their inability to win the Champions League, Guardiola’s current City team have the time and the talent to stake claim to being one of the greatest ever English teams.
As a player, Guardiola was part of the famous Barcelona “Dream Team” coached by Johan Cruyff. Four La Liga titles in a row (1991-94) and a European Cup triumph helped to make Cruyff, Barcelona’s most successful ever manager until he was overtaken by Pep Guardiola.
barcelona dream team formation
Barcelona Dream Team formation
Guardiola’s role in the team as the deep-lying playmaker certainly had Cruyff’s stamp all over it. And many years later, Xavi’s role for Barcelona was similar to how Guardiola played under Cryuff. In the below video, shot when Guardiola was still playing, the Catalan explains how to receive a pass. This is particularly important for central midfielders who play in the most congested areas of the pitch. Watch and Learn!

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