4 Top Tips For Football Manager 2018 You Need to Know


When any new version of Football Manager is released, users welcome it with fanfare. But asides the celebration, it also poses a serious dilemma. How soon can you grasp the new features, additions and updates? Anyone familiar with football manager will agree that it is a complicated game and it can take quite a while before you can successfully build your football empire. This is why it is crucial that you learn and understand the new additions and how to master them.

With that in mind, we have put together 4 essential tips that would help you overcome the initial hiccups as you navigate through the new football manager, and ensure that you have a longer reign that some of the football managers in the English league.

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Control how you give team instructions –

Many people over-think team instructions when setting up football manager. For instance, they select every available option in the team instructions section. This is not proper managerial skill; you do not choose an option simply because it is available to choose from. A better idea is to think about each option and consider which will suit the team and which will suit you. Once you have decided on the options that best suits what you want to achieve, you can select them. There are several instructions in the panel that your players may not understand so give creative players free leeway by selecting “Be more expressive” in the instructions panel.

Make decisions in real time –

To properly handle your team, a good chunk of your instructions should come during the match itself. When you analyze the opponent team in play, you will discover their weakness and strengths. This will help you make a proper decision based on the results of your analysis. For example, if you notice that the opposing team is slow on the defense, you can immediately instruct your team to focus on their right flank.

Pay attention to your team report –

Football manager 2018 comes loaded with even more tactical features than any other version, yet picking a winning formation remains a tough business. The best way to make this decision easier is to critically analyze your team’s report before starting out. This includes browsing their strength, weaknesses and suitability for individual position.

FM 2018 also comes with a cool new feature that enables you carry out pre-match briefings. This makes it possible for your players to fully engage with and understand your match tactics. They can also give their opinions on the choices you made.

Watch your games –

Very few managers are interested in watching their games; they are also interested in setting formations, giving instructions and doing all other football manager duties. In this new version, ensure that you actually watch your games. Set up pre-season games and try out different layers to see where you need to make adjustments and improvements. This will also show you where you need to change tactics so that you can enjoy a successful season. Watch the games and try to get as much information from the matches as you can.

There you have it, 4 top tips to help you have a successful football manager season in Football Manager 2018. Enjoy.

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