Excellent in-depth analysis of how Thomas Müller plays- Der Raumdeuter [VIDEO]


Thomas Müller Analysis! Der Raumdeuter (2016) from Tristan T on Vimeo.

Thomas Muller is called the Raumdeuter(German for Space investigator) because of his ability to find and create invisible space on the football pitch. Muller’s this extraordinary ability is invisible even to the common football fan and so he is often unappreciated and many fans just don’t understand why he is a permanent fixture at both Bayern Munich and the German football team.

This excellent video clearly shows what Muller brings to the team. Muller’s intense pressing combined with his intelligence to cut off all the passing angles is one of the reasons he is tipped to be Germany’s forward at the Euros. Possibly even tougher to man mark than Lionel Messi, Muller is always on the move,finding space or creating space for his teammates. The way he makes runs, from in between the lines to out, is so difficult to understand even for his own teammates. Someone like Muller might actually struggle at a level lower as he needs his teammates to understand what he is doing to be effective. Bayern Munich and Germany are the perfect teams for him at the moment with highly technical and intelligent players as his teammates.

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What is The Raumdeuter?

Raumdeuter is a German word for Space investigator and is Thomas Muller’s nickname. Muller is famous for his ability to find space on a football pitch, i.e he always finds areas on the pitch where there are no opponent players.

thomas muller raumdeuter

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