Done Deal! Man United agree to sign player for massive €80m


Portuguese newspaper Record have reported that Manchester United’s Ed Woodward has concluded talks with Benfica over Renato Sanches and they have agreed for a deal worth  80million Euros. It does look like Manchester United have overpaid again for a player who has still not proved himself. The deal include 40 million Euros paid upfront and another 40 millions Euros in bonuses. This deal is similar to the one signed with Monaco for Anthony Martial, both of them include significant part of the transfer money in bonuses.

Jorge Mendes, Jose Mourinho’s agent is believed to have brokered this deal between Benfica’s president and Ed Woodward. It is still not sure whether either of Van Gaal or Mourinho have been asked about their opinion about Renato Sanches. It is surprising that Manchester United have completely handed over player transfers to Ed Woodward who is basically an investment banker and has not football background. Woodward’s track record so far in transfers is very poor and although he has managed to sign a few star names, none of them have made any considerable impact on the pitch.

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  1. Jose will win united many trophies, including the much needed CL but that’s for year two, year one, win the PL, so Liverpool can never catch United this century.

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