Manchester United Youth Rankings 2016 #7 -Sean Goss


This is the fourth post in a series of 10, where reddit users /u/monsieurryan and /u/rdzzl have rated the ten best players playing for Manchester United’s youth teams. The previous posts include #10, Joe Riley, #9, Demetri Mitchell and #8, Tosin Kehinde.

At this point I am not entirely sure I am able to talk about Sean Goss objectively. I think that if given the chance Goss could absolutely make it big. The thing holding him back is injuries really. He seems to get on a consistent role and then suddenly will pick up a niggling injury. It is clear that the coaches believe in him enough that he was asked to go on the summer tour in 2015. He has also been in the squad for several of the senior games this season making a possible Cup debut ever more likely this season. At still only 20 years old, he will have a couple more seasons left to break into the first team on a semi-regular basis. His play style most reminds me of Carrick although Goss tends to sit a bit higher up the pitch than Michael does. He is very calm on the ball and can pick out virtually any pass imaginable. If given time he has also been known to scores some longer range goals. He is at the position now that Perason and Rothwell were at a couple of seasons ago. He needs to either be called up to the first team or go out on loan to a Championship club in order to get regular playing time. Because playing in u21 games maybe two times a month isn’t going to help his development. /u/monsieurryan

Echoing /u/monsieurryan ‘s view of Sean Goss, I find him to be a beautiful footballer to watch on the ball. He is elegant, clever, calm, and can really control a game if given enough of the ball to do so. I still think this videoillustrates his quality better than most youtube clips can shed light on how a player really is. I suggest watching it before reading further. Are you reaching /u/monsieurryan levels of hype yet? No? Then there is no hope for you. On a serious note, Sean Goss does indeed remind of a young Michael Carrick (West Ham in particular, perhaps the first year at Spurs too), that has the play making abilities, but is also higher up the pitch. I would go as far as to say that his passing and vision is already at a level where he could be seeing first team football. The problem for him has been injuries and (thus) consistency. He needs to be playing week in and week out at his age and stage of development. It is however quite difficult to find a suitable club (at least middle of Championship) that wants an injury prone and at times inconsistent player on loan to fill a gap in the squad. In the first team, I think he could have been seeing minutes if we were not already doing so poorly, and this goes for many of our most talented youth players. That is another topic for another day, though. If we are to measure the height of his performances against that of the general ball-playing Premier League midfielder, I think his peaks show an ability to control a game with his beautiful left foot at a similar level. The problem is that these players often tend to offer something in terms of physicality, set-pieces or goal scoring threats too. So for Sean, it is time to either become SO GOOD at passing that his talents can not be ignored for teams looking to strengthen on loan, or improve the other aspects of his game. Perhaps physicality would be the easiest way to go, as he already has the height to become a force to be reckoned with, if a few pounds of muscles were added to the body. Perhaps he can take a trip to Qatar with Adnan next summer and get that sorted? As was discussed in last year’s thread, where Goss was placed 5th on our list, it is imperative that he gets more and better matching. And that must happen quickly. We generally don’t see the patience a player like Fletcher got, or that Lingard has gotten. The pressure on breaking through at a young age seems to be increasing, and Goss needs to find a higher level to his game quickly if he wants to be able to make it within our team. I assume he will get a year or two more to get there, and I hope he will. He’s an excellent young player.

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