3 Popular Football Betting Strategies


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world with fans in every continent including North America. In South America, it holds so much sway that entire cities literally come to a standstill during major football competitions such as the World Cup. This popularity has spawned a vibrant football betting industry. Many football better generally affiliate themselves with online gaming platforms such as Royal Vegas online casino who give them an opportunity to multiply and keep their pipe line of funds flowing. With this in mind, here are three popular football betting strategies that are popular and implemented:

Value Betting

The value betting strategy is hinged on a simple proposition, extracting value from odds set by bookmakers. This means placing a bet if you believe a team has a higher likelihood of winning a match than a bookmaker’s odds suggest. With this in mind, finding good value bet is a skill that you must hone over time because it requires patience and sound money management. It is advisable to watch keenly matches that involve teams you may want to bet on in the future. Alternatively, only bet on teams you have been following closely, preferably for several months.

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One of the main things to note here is bookmakers usually assign odds based on a team’s strength. As such, favorite teams typically offer a lower payout than underdogs. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should always root for the underdog. Instead, you should only place your bet based on reliable information such as news of injuries yet to surface on mainstream media outlets.

In-game Betting

Unlike other betting strategies such as playing online poker where the bet is made before the cards are revealed, this approach would allow you to bet while a football match is in progress. The main benefit of in-game betting is that it makes it relatively easier to predict match outcome more accurately. You can bet based on factors such as performance of defenders, unexpected absences, and each team’s recent form. Moreover, you will be able to assess stadium atmosphere. Remember fans can influence outcome of a football match especially during derby games where players and fans alike come expecting to floor their bitter rivals. For novices or less experienced betting enthusiasts, in-game betting improves odds of winning higher payout as time ebbs.

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Spread Betting

If the betting strategies discussed above do not seem appealing, try spread betting. It is similar to Asian Handicap strategy because the calculation of winnings or losses is based on the accuracy of a bet. Here is an example to illustrate how this strategy works:  Assume that you have a strong conviction that an upcoming game will involve more than 20 free kicks while your bookmaker thinks that the game will have less than 15 free kicks. In this case, you can bet $10 for every free kick after the 15th. If players end up taking 25 free kicks on match day, you will earn $100. On the other hand, you will lose $50 if players only take 10 free kicks. This strategy is highly flexible because it allows gamers to bet on a wide range of match day variables.


Betting on the outcome of football matches is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. To improve your chances of placing a winning bet, employ popular strategies such as in-game, value and spread betting.

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