Five Best Football Pundits


best football pundits


Five Best Football Pundits
With more televised football than ever before, the role of pundits is increasingly under the spotlight. Just as people like to see football change, punditry has now become something of an art – with an emphasis on more personable and interactive analysis.  
These five best football pundits demonstrate this new world of the art of commentary beautifully.

Gary Neville
The former Manchester United defender has enjoyed an effortless transition into broadcasting, earning an array of plaudits for his unique and insightful analysis of the game. He has enjoyed huge praise for his knowledge of modern football, especially in comparison to older pundits who sometimes seem out-dated and out-of-touch with the current generation of players.
Malcolm Best
The charismatic, sharp-suited host of YouTube animated show ‘The Football Special’ is fast becoming an internet sensation with his witty, satirical observations on the current news and events in football. His rapport with a reluctant Arsene Wenger is one of the highlights of the show – the combination of Yorkshire grit and Gallic sophistication promises comedy every time.
Graeme Souness
Just as fearless and authoritative as he was a player, Souness has established himself as an integral part of Sky’s analysis team with his forthright and articulate opinions. Even more refreshingly, he tackles key issues and decisions head-on rather than avoiding them and is never afraid of upsetting someone. His vast experience both playing and managing at the highest level is always evident in his serious approach.
Alan Hansen
An elder statesman as football pundits go, he may forever be remembered for his dismissive attitude towards a certain group of youngsters managed by Alex Ferguson, but he remains the benchmark for current broadcasters in terms of his ease in front of the camera and longevity. Famed for his cynical attitude to modern defending, next season is reportedly his last as a BBC pundit, so enjoy him while you can.
Roy Keane
Just as he was the leader for any side he played for during his career, Keane has quickly established himself as the commanding presence of the ITV broadcast team. His first foray into punditry led to his departure from Man Utd following an explosive interview with MUTV which really should have given us a clue about what we were in for!  His stranglehold over Adrian Chiles, Lee Dixon and Gareth Southgate is often a joy to behold.

 The Football Special

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