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Lewis Roberts

Lewis Roberts is an aspiring football coach from Wales and is extremely passionate about football tactics and coaching methodologies. Lewis also admires Maurizio Sarri and Bielsa as their styles correspond with Lewis' beliefs and ideas.

China – The Relationship Between Society and Football and Why the Two Must Adapt to Progress

In 2012, the current President of China, Xi Jinping, stated his desire for the country to set its sights on a World Cup trophy,...

  The different methods to Marcelo Bielsa’s madness

The current Leeds United manager and arguably the most influential coach in modern football, Marcelo Bielsa is the subject of this analysis because I’m...

A Tactical Look at how Marseille qualified for the Champions League

After a 7 year exile from Europe’s elite competition, the club from the south of France has finally restored their Champions League status by...

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