Champions League Stories #2 – Monaco 2003/04

Monaco became the underdog sweethearts of Europe this season with their carefree attacking style which led to exciting games for neutrals. This is not the first time that Monaco has become everyone’s second favorite team. In the 2003/2004 Champions League, Monaco were a carefree attacking team for whom the goals flowed. The links don’t end […]

A lookback at Roger Schmidt’s Tactics at Bayer Leverkusen

roger schmidt tactics

Roger Schmidt has been one of the most talked about managers in Europe over the last few years given his spells with Bayer Leverkusen and Red Bull Salzburg. Roger Schmidt tactics coupled with his hyper aggressive style which usually produces goals has entertained fans, with Schmidt being a favourite of the hipster crowd. He had been […]

Forgotten Superstars-Matthias Sammer

matthias sammer dortmund

Most football fans who consider themselves to be experts will expect to be able to name a long list of recent Ballon D’or winners. If you asked football fans to name the last 20, I believe most would get a good majority; Pavel Nedved, Michael Owen, Andriy Shevchenko and Fabio Cannavaro are probably the toughest […]

Why Pep Guardiola was right in signing Claudio Bravo

Arguably the biggest move of the summer for Pep as new manager of Manchester City was how he dealt with the goalkeeping situation. Joe Hart, a mainstay in the club’s title winning seasons was replaced by new signing Claudio Bravo. Pep shelled out £17.1m to sign the Barcelona goalkeeper. He cited the ability of Bravo […]

Forgotten Superstars – Alvaro Recoba

If you grew up watching Football Italia on Channel Four, you probably have fond memories of many players plying their trade in Italy. Whether it was the goal scoring of Montella and Vieri, the playmaking of Totti and Nedved or the defending of Thurman and Nesta, there was something for everybody. One of the superstars […]

What football can learn from recent trends in American sports?

So much in sport is copied and learnt. American sports have all seen big changes since the turn of the century. Most of the changes are related to the analytics movement. Is there anything football can learn from what has changed in these sports? MLB: Baseball was the first sport to seriously undergo the analytic […]