Eric ten Hag’s predicted thrilling 4-3-3 formation for Manchester United


Multiple media outlets have reported that current Ajax coach Eric ten Hag is set to be appointed as the next manager of Manchester United. United have had a very disappointing season so far and it looks very likely that they will not playing in the Champions League next season. If ten Hag is appointed in the summer as United’s manager, he has multiple challenges to tackle. So far in his career, ten Hag has shown that his teams are not only successful but also that they play a very attacking brand of football. This makes him very attractive to United fans as their team so far after Sir Alex Ferguson left hasn’t still found a consistent style of play under any manager.

Eric ten Hag’s formation for Man United


Straightaway we can see that, United need to acquire a right winger, a central midfielder and a right back in the summer. ten Hag might also want a striker and a goalkeeper as both Cristiano Ronaldo and David De Gea might not be the right players if he wants to play an aggressive, possession and pressing based style of football.

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Some key aspects of ten Hag’s tactics at Ajax are off the ball running and adaptability to different formations. He will have his task cut out at United to instill these qualities as so far, several managers have failed to bring tactical discipline to this group of players. United’s work rate and off the ball movement is very poor and Ralf Rangnick has made it clear that United need some more aggressive and physical players.


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  1. Man United can not win silverware with maguire and varine pairing together. The best team should have best combative defenders. The defender and midfielder win the league for you not the best striker

  2. Manchester United board must offload all old horses expect Ronaldo and De gea. The must also listen to Ten hag in terms of incoming and outgoing players because, he is the one who knows the type of play he wants to play.

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