Where does Solskjaer rank among all the Man United managers post Sir Alex


The sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer means that Manchester United have sacked 4 full time managers after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013. All the four managers’ time at United will be termed as unsuccessful as none of them were able to win the Premier League or the Champions League which are the titles a club like Manchester United should be competing for. Many United fans will continue to sing Solskjaer’s name as he is still a popular man but success in football is ultimately measured in trophies. And, Solskjaer as a manager didn’t win any.

Ranking Manchester United’s managers after Sir Alex’s retirement

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  • Jose Mourinho: In terms of trophies, Mourinho clearly is the most successful manager in United’s post Sir Alex era. He won the Europa League, Carabao Cup and the Community Shield. Also he has led Manchester United to their highest league points total, finishing with 81 points in the 2017/18 season. Even though, he lost the dressing room at the end, he is clearly the most successful manager since Sir Alex, as he leads both in the league points per game average and in the trophies count.
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  • Louis Van Gaal: Some of the football played under Van Gaal was dire and utterly boring but his FA cup win and his excellent record against the big sides pushes him above Solskjaer.

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  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Manchester United’s transfer signings improved significantly under the Norwegian. But ultimately a lack of trophies and a lack of playing identity even after three years see him number 3 on this list.


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  • David Moyes: To his credit, Moyes after his United stint has reinvented himself and is probably the best manager out of the 4 on current form. But taking a title winning team to a seventh place finish is something Manchester United fans won’t forgive him for easily.


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