MNF’s brilliant analysis on Antonio Conte’s new system at Chelsea


Few days back, we asked the question, Three at the back:The formation of the future? Well, Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher certainly believe so, at least for Chelsea. Although, there were a lot of doubts initially on how Conte would implement his favoured formation at Chelsea. The switch to the back three has got the best out of two key players, David Luiz and Eden Hazard. Luiz’s role as the deepest defender restricts his freedom, thereby cutting out mistakes from his game where as Hazard has now got the license to move central without the worry of having to track back. One player who now really must be concerned for his future at Chelsea is Cesc Fabregas. He is not capable defensively to play either Matic or Kante’s roles nor is he dynamic enough to play in the front 3.

Pep Guardiola’s City also have played a back three formation at times this season. The key difference between Chelsea and City is the role of the fullbacks. Guardiola encourages his fullbacks to play narrow and move into midfield where as Conte’s fullbacks stay out wide.

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