5 clubs Mesut Ozil should leave Arsenal for in the summer


Mesut Ozil has had a wonderful season and is the best Arsenal player this season by a mile. But the world cup winner will be heading to the Euros haven’t won anything with Arsenal this season. One of the main reasons, Ozil chose Arsenal was Arsene Wenger and his convincing powers. But right now, Wenger might be the biggest reason for Ozil to leave the North London club. Wenger’s controlled spending in the transfer window and his refusal to recognise that his transfer policy is not effective anymore is hurting Arsenal. This season,with all their big rivals in transition, was Arsenal’s best chance of winning the Premier League. But like always, Arsenal went on a disastrous run of form in February and find themselves 8 points behind Leicester who are leading the Premier League.

Even though Arsenal fans might not admit it, Ozil on current form is just too good for Arsenal. A good Euro for Ozil with Germany will put him on the radar of all the top European clubs if he is already not present. We take a look at five clubs where he has a better chance of winning trophies.

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Of course, currently the dream team for any footballer to play for. There is no way Ozil will say no if Barcelona come calling. He just might be the perfect Andres Iniesta replacement.


The Italian team have been strong domestically for quite sometime and just need the extra magic to take them all the way in the Champions League, Ozil just might be the perfect addition.

Real Madrid

Everyone now agrees that Real made a huge blunder in selling him like they always do with their transfers. With James Rodriguez seemingly on his way out, Ozil will fit in right in Zidane’s plans.

Bayern Munich

With Pep Guardiola leaving,there might be an exodus of midfielders along with him with Thiago strongly linked with a move to Manchester City. Ancelotti will love to bring in Ozil to fill in the void.

Manchester City

With Pep Guardiola coming in this summer, City will be the preferred destination in England for all the top midfielders. Arsenal will be reluctant to sell Ozil to their domestic rivals,so this move is unlikely to happen.

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3 Responses

  1. Perhaps the hack who wrote this piece of trash should entitle “the five alternative jobs I should be looking for”p.s are you a manure fan in disguise?COYG!

    1. Seriously mate? You expect one of the best,if not the best player of the World Champions to keep playing for a club which hasn’t gone past the pre-quarters of the Champions League for quite sometime and hasn’t won the league in something like 14 years? Of course there are players who do that, but you can’t expect Ozil to have any loyalty towards Arsenal.

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