English midfielder reveals regret in joining Man Utd


Manchester United midfielder Nick Powell has admitted that had he known that Sir Alex would leave in 2013, he would have thought twice about joining United. Powell who was initially tipped to glory has had limited impact after signing for the Premier League giants. He has had substitute appearances for the first team this season but that was more because of injury crisis rather than Powell’s own form. Currently at Hull, Powell’s development has stopped after joining Manchester United and his career would have been better served if he had stayed back at Crewe.

Nick Powell said:

“I’ve had three managers in four years at Old Trafford and I’ve not had any luck in terms of being given a chance. For me it was a shock for Sir Alex Ferguson to retire. If I’d known that I would have pondered more where I was going when I left Crewe. “If he had told me that before, I would have had more of a decision to make, but he said come and play for me and you do not expect him tor retire the season after that,”

Powell’s United career is surely over and the youngster needs to work really hard now for a top flight career. Many youngsters at top clubs are falling away and not reaching their potential because of the lack of chances in the Premier League. As more and more clubs are buying players from outside England, chances for Youngsters is reducing. The huge TV deal will only help increase this trend and in the long term will harm England.

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