Spalletti’s video on Mohamed Salah’s tracking back


Luciano Spalletti was asked the following question in a press conference

Do you believe you’ve managed to change Roma’s habits and playing style in the month and a half you’ve been in charge?

Spalletti said,

“We want to achieve important targets in terms of culture, method and style. In order to do this, I have to be the first to set the example and show the right direction to take. I want the best and most suitable players beside me with this in mind.

“I sometimes think there’s some confusion on certain important messages. If you like, I will show you an example of fantastic, brilliant habits. It’s very simple and it’s not just that the player in question went to recover a lost ball. You’ve made fun of me for years about this concept of the right habits.

“The example that I will show you is when the score was 4-0 in the 75th minute after he[Salah] had already scored two goals. This is what I understand as heart and tremendous behaviour.

“If every player in our squad applied the same level, we’ll get so much satisfaction for a team that has a brilliant heart.

“I also showed this video to the team. These are the habits that go beyond the movements and situations that everyone sees. You’ve all seen the goal from the byline and it’s clear to everyone that it was a great goal. This recovery is more difficult to spot but it helps the squad and the spirit we’re looking for.”



Its always great to see players show this level of commitment especially after the game is dead and buried. Salah might have been a failure in the Premier League but its easy to see why Mourinho bought him for Chelsea in the first place.

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