5 reasons why Mourinho should replace Van Gaal at Man United


Jose Mourinho’s sacking at Chelsea means that one of the most successful managers in modern times has had a major failure for the first time in his career. But Mourinho still remains world class,his failure at Chelsea might just be a hiccup but his next move will be scrutinized and analysed very deeply,so his legacy will depend on it. On the other hand Manchester United just do not know what to make of their manager Van Gaal. The board declared support to Van Gaal publicly just before the match against Wolfsburg. But after their defeat in Germany,there have been no indications from them. There have been reports that the dressing room is entirely not a happy place with Van Gaal’s signings still yet to bed in. A couple of more bad results might mean that Van Gaal won’t even last the year. Although when Fergie retired,United apparently didn’t want Mourinho,this time there is no doubt that they will grab him at the first chance.

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Unlike Van Gaal, Mourinho is a reactive coach,he adapts and changes according to the situation. Although people blame him for playing a defensive side,his Real Madrid team which won the La Liga was a goal scoring machine. Even his Inter side were ruthless in finishing off their opponents although they could also park the bus and win games. Van Gaal’s only two styles we have seen so far at United is “aimlessly passing the ball around” and “kick long to Fellaini”.


There is no doubt that which manager will come out on top in this criteria. The Dutch coach is notorious for his fights and ego-clashes with his players where as the Portuguese is famous for inspiring loyalty.



Manchester United under Ferguson used to rule all the press conferences. Fergie was the master and his mind-games were second to none. Under Moyes and Van Gaal though, the press-conferences neither make sense nor do they serve any purpose to anyone.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo shared a good relationship with Mourinho while he played under him for Real Madrid. Also they share the same agent Jorge Mendez,who is easily the most powerful man in football. The chance of Ronaldo coming back to United will only increase if Mourinho takes charge.

Building an era

With United fans used to long term stability for so many years, they are hopeful that the next manager will be able to do the same. With Van Gaal set to retire in 2017, it is better that he leaves before he does anymore damage to the squad. For Mourinho this might be the chance to establish himself at the top for a very long time and maybe become the greatest ever manager.

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