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Ritesh Gogineni

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Editor/Founder of The False 9.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Tactical Mistakes Against Barcelona

Sir Alex’s Manchester United were absolutely decimated on the field yesterday,they were made to look like school boys chasing the ball around.The MVP(Messi,Villa,Pedro) scored...

The Champions League Final If I Was God!

Manchester United for the first time in many years are going into a match as the underdogs,very few people are giving them any...

Rough Diamonds #1-Josh McEachran

This is the first in a series of articles called Rough Diamonds where we look at young players who have the potential to be...

The Fuss about the 4-2-3-1

So what’s this fuss about 4-2-3-1? Why do people think that a formation can change the fortune of a team like England.Well the most...

Man City Vs Tottenham

Manchester City can now look to buy the biggest of stars with the promise of Champions League football.With rumors going round that a certain Kaka maybe...

How Manchester United blew Chelsea away – A Tactical Analysis

Manchester United closed within a point of completing their mission of knocking Liverpool off their “perch” when they beat to Chelsea to win 2-1...

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