Jamie Carragher- This Man United star is ‘not a Manchester United player in any shape or form’


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher in his column for Daily Mail expressed his anger on how Marouane Fellaini plays the game. The Belgian has been  banned for three matches for elbowing Robert Huth in the game against Leicester. Huth also gets a three match ban which sees him miss out on the celebrations following Leicester’s Premier League win.

‘The more I look at the punishments that Marouane Fellaini and Robert Huth received, the less I can understand the Football Association’s decision. Huth, a giant in Leicester’s fairytale campaign, misses his side’s big celebration for an incident you associate with a school playground,

‘Yet Fellaini could end up playing in the FA Cup final. Can pulling someone’s hair cause the same damage as a flailing elbow? No. Not in a million years.

‘It can’t be right that he will be available for Manchester United’s big day against Crystal Palace on May 21. My personal hope is that we would never see him playing in the Premier League again.

‘Three games is not a sentence that will prove a deterrent to Fellaini. He is a repeat offender and it has gone beyond the point now where people can attempt to defend him by saying he is a tall lad who is using his arms for leverage.

‘Look at the incident with Huth again: Fellaini takes a glance around and sees where Huth is before swinging. Yes, he may have been provoked but the Belgium international knew what he was doing. Had he connected firmly, the Leicester defender could have been left with a broken cheek or jaw.’

Fellaini has time and again elbowed his opponents on the football field but has gotten away without any punishment till the 3 match ban he received for his elbow on Huth. Carragher goes on to say that elbowing someone on the face is a very dangerous act and should be even more harshly dealt. Fellaini a former Everton player has struggled to make himself home at Old Trafford. Even his transfer was a source of great embarrassment for Ed Woodward and David Moyes as they ended up paying more than his release clause just because they delayed in making a decision.

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