Man Utd’s new look 4-3-3 against Stoke if Van Gaal is sacked



There has been an intense debate regarding whether Van Gaal deserves to be sacked or needs to be given some more time. Although people preferring the latter option are dwindling by the minute,it remains to be seen whether Woodward actually decides to give Van Gaal the boot. With Mourinho’s availability the option to give Van Gaal the sack becomes much easier for United. But we need to remember that the last time Mourinho was in the running for the United job, people like Sir Alex and Sir Bobby were the ones responsible for rejecting the Portuguese instead preferring a more non-confrontational candidate like David Moyes. We all know how it turned out in the end.

Even if Jose Mourinho is brought to replace Van Gaal,it is most likely that Ryan Giggs will be in charge for the next time if at all the Dutchman is sacked. Even though Giggs doesn’t have the experience nor the pedigree,it is expected that his lineup and style of play will be a breath of fresh air. The Lineups,Substitutions and the style of play has been boring to death and sometime inexplicable under Van Gaal at United.

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Wayne Rooney’s form is also one major issue which the next manager has to solve. Rooney was in a decline for the past two seasons and Ferguson had made it quite clear at the end that it was better for Rooney to leave the club. But Moyes’ decision to give him a new contract and Van Gaal’s decision to make him his captain has backfired spectacularly with the English captain quite possibly having his worst season ever till date.


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