The Jorginho Effect

We are obsessed in England with formations and personnel. Before every match we see graphics of players detailing exactly how they will line up on the pitch. We spend hours discussing the pros and cons of three-at-the-back, the positives and negatives of playing two holding midfielders, and the advantages and disadvantages of playing two up […]

The Healing Powers of the World Cup

In this modern world in which we dwell it has become far easier to dismiss than to believe. Faith is at an all-time low and traditions that have stood for hundreds of years are now being called into question. Then every four years, there comes an event which restores our faith. From the ashes of […]

Filling the Gaps: The Importance of Defensive Midfielders

man united vs chelsea expected lineup

Defending, or a complete lack of, has been addressed seemingly non-stop for the last couple of weeks. But yet again we have had a weekend of high profile Premier League clashes defined by a siege of inept defending. Fingers have been pointed towards the likes of Klopp, Koeman, and Wenger, and all with much justification. […]