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Daniel Evans

20 year old student, Investment Analyst intern and Birmingham City fan

Why Arsenal can’t compete in big games tactically

It’s February, and following their 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich Arsenal look set to exit the Champions League in the Round of 16, and...

Why does English football not trust Zonal Marking?

After many years of threatening to clamp down on excessive grappling from set-pieces, this season has seen Premier League referees penalise holding and shirt-pulling...

Mourinho needs a “Tactical Evolution” to get Man United back to the top

Following United’s 0-0 draw to Burnley, leaving them without a league win since their 4-1 thrashing of Leicester in late September, there are many...

The High Press: Why Liverpool can’t stop scoring and Spurs have stopped conceding

The ‘high-press’ has become one of the most regularly discussed trends in football. Popularised by Guardiola’s Barcelona, and Klopp’s Dortmund, it is now a...

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