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Benjamin Dalusma

Ben is a senior analyst at Nielsen's quantitative marketing modeling group. He graduated from Cornell University with a double major in Statistics and Applied Economics. Ben is passionate about technology, sports and social impact. He will be writing essays about football philosophy, tactics and analytics. He is currently working on his first book: "During The Summer, Football Makes Haitians Dance".

The Modric-Rakitic Double Pivot and 7 other tactical talking points from the FIFA World Cup 2018

Inspired by the ESPN's Zach Lowe weekly column on the NBA, I write about random things I like about players, teams and trends at...

The Long Read: The Rise and the Decline of Jose Mourinho

Abstract: Jose Mourinho needs to be bold and embrace the audacity of pragmatic football instead of its weaknesses or else the future will belong...

Euro 2012 Preview:Portugal

Euro 2012 Group B is literally and figuratively the group of death. Perhaps we will get the opportunity to see this competition's finest football in the...

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