The major differences between the Premier League and the NFL


The world’s biggest football league and the world’s biggest American football league actually have a fair amount in common, but there are some huge differences too. In this guide, we’re exploring the biggest differences and the ways the sports, and their leagues, vary.


Both sports are incredibly popular, and gambling is one of the areas that ties the two sports. There are always many people exploring NFL betting odds as well as Premier League betting odds, with hundreds of millions staked on the sports every season.


Global appeal


Both sports have huge appeal, and tens of millions of viewers for nearly every major event, but the Premier League wins the day when it comes to global appeal.


The sport is watched all over the globe, from Asia, to South America and even North America, and the Premier League is seen as the best league in the world. This means that there are billions paid out in television deals every year, and that soccer is the most viewed sport in the world.


Premier League global megastars are known on all continents, and the appeal of the sport has currently reached a more widespread audience than any of the American sports have. This is also partially due to there being players from so many different cultures.


The Premier League has superstars from Asia, Africa, Europe and even North America. This has increased the international appeal, along with the fact that the World Cup and other massive tournaments continue to build the presence of the sport.


Revenue generated


The Premier League may be huge, and watched all over the world, but you might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t generate anywhere near as much revenue as the National Football League.


NFL generates over $15bn a season in ticket sales, television deals and sponsorships. The huge population of the USA obviously plays a part in the profit generated by the league too. It surpassed the $15bn mark in 2019, and though there was a slight dip afterward, 2022 is projected to be the very best in the history of the sport.


The Premier League generates plenty of revenue too, thought to be around £3 billion yearly. However, a lot of the revenue the biggest clubs receive comes from their participation in European tournaments such as the Champions League.


Very different player trading


There aren’t many restrictions on trading in the Premier League, and the players are often free to negotiate when their contracts are coming to an end. For instance, Antony Martial was rumored to be in discussions with PSG long before his Man United deal ended.


The NFL relies on a draft system and has a high turnover of players in some situations. This is very different from the Premier League, which doesn’t have the draft in the same way, as there is no ‘event’ where players are selected for the upcoming seasons.


Premier League teams are much more likely to buy and sell players with other teams throughout Europe or worldwide and pay fees rather than swap a player. The NFL teams can swap players but also tend to swap draft picks, which makes for some complex trade deals.


Players in the NFL tend to start a little later too, having gone through the college system. In England, players as young as 16 have started playing in the top flight. Young talent comes through youth academies rather than through colleges and is supported by lower leagues of football, which still get huge numbers of viewers.


The sport itself


Of course, there are some significant differences in the sports. American football has a lot more stopping and starting, but also has more entertainment in the form of tailgate parties, and other events and shows to go along with the sport itself.


Premier League games are over in 90 minutes — with a 15-minute break — and tend to be fast and frantic affairs. Both have their charms and excitement, but the different styles of play and different types of football may appeal to different people.




Both these sporting leagues are absolute powerhouses and continue to grow. While the NFL currently generates more revenue, the Premier League’s income is expected to skyrocket with new television deals in the future.


Both sports feature elite athletes demonstrating a lot of skill at a very high level and offer plenty of entertainment.

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