Man United star reportedly feels Solskjaer isn’t giving the team a clear plan


In a shocking report by the Daily Mail, Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes reportedly feels that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer isn’t providing the team with a clear plan on how to play. This report also mentions other problems in the United dressing room like Cristiano Ronaldo being shocked by the drop in standards and Solskjaer’s favoritism being a concern among the squad. These reports of unhappiness in the United camp if true surely means that the end is near for the under pressure United manager.

Regarding the “not having a plan” accusation, it was very apparent in the games against Liverpool and Manchester City that Solskjaer was not able to compete tactically against Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Against Liverpool, United opted to press high but without a proper structure and strategy and were ripped apart in the 5-0 defeat. And against City, Solskjaer opted for a 5-3-2 defensive formation which proved ineffective because of the way City doubled up on the flanks. It was quite obvious that they way United had setup against City was not working but Solskjaer waited till half time to change the system.

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Solskjaer in his first two full seasons was actually pretty decent tactically in the big games. He opted to sit back mostly with two banks of 4 and then try and hit on the counter using the pace of players like Marcus Rashford, Daniel James and Anthony Martial. This season, against Liverpool, Solskjaer wanted his team to play on the front foot by pressing and winning the ball high. This strategy without the right team structure proved fatal. It is clear that the squad he has at the moment is unbalanced but talented and he is unable to get the best out of them.

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