Football’s best tactical managers of 2021


It’s no secret – different football managers excel in different areas of the game. Some were built for attacking play, some for masterful defence, but there are a few that are just all-around tactical wizards! Such managers are a rare breed, but one thing is for certain, they are a favourite among football punters. Through resources like the FanDuel sportsbook promo code, punters can wager on the teams that these managers take care of, and then get to watch their legendary tactics in action.

Currently, there are a few managers that just seem to be leading the rest of the pack when it comes to tactical prowess. And we’ve highlighted these managers right here.

Geniuses of their time

  • Jose Mourinho

There’s a reason that Jose Mourinho became known as ‘The Special One’ during his days at Chelsea. And in 2021, it would appear that Mourinho is bringing back the glory days of his legendary managerial tactics. As you may know, he is currently managing Tottenham, and although Tottenham is not at the pinnacle of the Premier League, we’ve seen glimpses of Mourinho’s genius throughout this season. Thanks to Jose’s tactics, Tottenham has beaten Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and very nearly Liverpool too.

As you can see, these are the biggest clubs in English football right now, and Tottenham doesn’t exactly have an all-star lineup compared to other teams. But this was never a huge problem for Mourinho. He just seems to find a way to win the game of chess against most managers, and he does so with confidence, charisma, as well as some good old Mourinho arrogance – which everybody secretly loves!

  • Marcelo Bielsa

Next up, we have Marcelo Bielsa, the current manager of Leeds United. Sure, Bielsa might hold the nickname of ‘mad man’ by Spanish speaking football fans, but there is some pretty solid genius going on between those ears. It just seems that whenever Bielsa arrives at a club, he breathes fresh life into everyone involved, and this is seen by the results he consistently delivers – especially at Leeds United this year. Of course, Bielsa led Leeds United to Championship glory last season, and he is causing quite a stir in the Premier League this season too.

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No – we’re not referring to the ‘spying allegations’ that put Bielsa in all of the headlines. We are referring to the style of play he has managed to instil at Leeds United, which has proved problematic for even the largest clubs in English football. Of course, Leeds United isn’t a team full of superstars, but the fact that they are currently inside the top of 10 of the Premier League speaks volumes for Bielsa’s tactics and abilities to figure out ways to win.

  • Diego Simeone

While the previous two managers are involved in Premier League football, our final candidate operates over in Spain. Simeone is the current manager of Atletico Madrid, and some would probably describe this man as infamous. At times, Simeone just seems outright erratic, but when you sit back and observe the way he leads his team through games, there’s some pretty clever stuff going on. He has become a master of turning up the pressure on teams that struggle with maintaining possession, and his counter-strategies are magnificent. 

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With that said, you don’t get to lead a team to the top of La Liga without knowing a thing or two about picking up points. Whether Atletico Madrid is playing home or away, it just seems that Simeone has the answers required to get something from the game, so he truly deserves his place on this list.

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