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best soccer coaching books

We have compiled a list of the best soccer coaching books which every soccer coach must have in his/her bookshelf. No matter whether you coach a kids soccer team or a professional soccer team, the books in the list below will improve you as a coach for sure.


Soccer Systems and Strategies- Jens Bangsbo, Birger Peitersen

This work is an international guide to building a style of play around the strengths of the team’s players. Two coaches of the Danish national team teach soccer’s four primary systems of play and then break down the different strategies, tactics and styles of play that can be used to counter every kind of opponent. Coaches can choose from attacking and defensive styles within each primary system, depending on the players and the conditions within the game. It also shows coaches how to benefit from the classic systems of the international soccer powers, including the Latin, British, Norwegian, South American and African styles of play. After coaches determine the optimal system and style for their teams, they will learn how to counter opponents’ tactics and how to teach their chosen system, style and tactics through practice instruction and drills. The book includes detailed diagrams and plans of action for implementing the systems, styles and tactics.

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Teambuilding: the road to success – Rinus Michels

The late Rinus Michels, FIFA’s Coach of the Century, offers his unique insight into the process of “teambuilding”. All the chapters are interspersed with examples from Michels’ personal experiences as a trainer. At the same time he gives a reference framework for everyone who is, on a daily basis, involved with the team building process: from professional and youth coaches to managers in the business world. Because of these unique examples, most of which were never published, this will be a fascinating book for anyone involved in a team building process.

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Training Creative Goalscorers – Michael Beale

It’s not enough to line your players up and have them take shots on a goalkeeper. Practicing the proper technique is important but putting that technique into realistic goal scoring situations teaches your players how to take the technique and use it in the game. The activities and exercises presented in this book by Michael Beale practice scoring goals from a wide variety of positions and progress from unopposed to match situations. Situations included in this book include: 1 v 1, Back to Pressure, Breakaways, Finishing from Crosses, Reacting to Rebounds, Runs Behind the Defense and many more. The best goal scoring practices create an environment that requires your players to make decisions that are identical to those that are made in the game. Repeating this decision making process over and over in training makes it second nature and automatic when they face the same choice in a real game. The drills, exercises and games in Training Creative Goalscorers were designed with that in mind.

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Making the Ball Roll: A Complete Guide to Youth Football for the Aspiring Soccer Coach – Ray Power

Making the Ball Roll is the ultimate complete guide to coaching youth soccer.This focused and easy-to-understand book details training practices and tactics, and goes on to show you how to help young players achieve peak performance through tactical preparation, communication, psychology, and age-specific considerations.

Each chapter covers, in detail, a separate aspect of coaching to give you, the football coach, a broad understanding of youth soccer development. Each topic is brought to life by the stories of real coaches working with real players.

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Brazilian Soccer Academy – Eduardo Andriatti Paulo

Brazilians are well known for developing their incredible creativity and flair through countless hours of street soccer games organized by the players themselves and far away from the structure and influence of teams, leagues and coaches. Only after this rich street soccer experience will the child learn the techniques and tactics from professional clubs. They will also learn discipline in training and practicing the fundamentals of their position. This sequence beginning with a fun and creative atmosphere and later moving to a structured and professional environment is critical in the emergence of Brazilian soccer stars. The goal of Brazilian Soccer Academy Volume I is to demonstrate how the Brazilian training methods can create great results by following an educational curriculum including specific and adapted sessions focusing on the Initial Development phase of training. This curriculum will show, in detail, how the top Brazilian Youth Academies develop the U8 through U12 age groups during the transition from Futsal (5v5) to 8v8 and finally to the 11 v 11 game format developing to a complete team, while at the same time forming more creative and unpredictable players. Brazilian Soccer Academy Volume I is organized so that you can see what a Brazilian team does for each of their weekly training sessions. This insight allows you to not only see which drills and exercises are used but how they are placed within an overall cycle of training. Each chapter covers a particular Period of the training cycle, beginning with the Basic Period and moving through the Specific Development Period , Economical Period , Specific Development Period 2 and finally the Regenerative Period . More than 100 easy-to-read diagrams illustrate each session along with detailed explanations of the set-up, player movements and important coaching points.

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Modern Combination Play- Phil Roscoe

In modern soccer there is a great deal of emphasis on organization and defending as a team. This has made it very difficult to break down the opposition and create goal scoring opportunities through individual efforts. This book focuses on the key principles of passing, receiving and possession which will enable you to break down the opposing team, individually and as a team to create goal scoring opportunities while playing attacking, attractive, free flowing soccer. Modern Combination Play includes more than 80 drills, exercises and small-sided games to train your players to work together. Each one includes a detailed diagram and a complete description. The descriptions contain the organization, coaching points and progressive exercises for each practice. The 11 chapters begin with technical topics and gradually progress to group games. The chapters include: Basic Receiving Technique Drills, Myself, a Ball and a Wall, Passing and Awareness, Opening Out and Switching Play, Changing Your First Touch, Passing Combinations, Possessing Under Pressure, Quick Movement and Awareness and Possession Games. Within each chapter there is also a progression that allows the players to move from simple movements without opposition to more complicated combinations that includes the pressure of an opponent. Including the methods from Modern Combination Play into your training sessions will take your team to the next level.

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