Bayern Munich and Man United leading the race to sign Italian star


Leonardo Bonucci who signed for AC Milan last summer, will be sold by the Italian club in order to comply with FFP regulations as they missed out on Champions League qualification according to The Sun. Manchester United and Bayern Munich are in the race to sign Italian defender and although Chelsea also have some interest in him, the fact that they won’t be playing in the Champions League next season makes them the least likely destination for Bonucci.

Bonucci has had a miserably year with Milan, but the defender in his time with Juventus was one of the world’s best. Someone like Jose Mourinho can surely bring him back to the best. As with all Italian defenders, even Bonucci might get better as he ages. Milan are willing to agree for a loan deal as well which bodes well for Bayern as they tend to favour loan + option to buy deals for players who are out of form. Manchester United might offer a better financial deal to Bonucci but Bayern are better positioned to compete for the Champions League, a competition Bonucci wants to win.

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One more advantage for clubs looking to sign Bonucci this summer is that because Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup, the defender is ensured to have a good pre-season. Also his price won’t be affected by the World Cup which is usually the case with most summer transfers during the World Cup. One or two good performances in the world cup tends to inflate the price steeply. Unlike Italy, you still can participate in the World Cup, for world cup odds visit Dickie Bet.

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