Understanding The Basics of Playing Offside Traps


If you’re a football fan and are constantly watching the games, you might feel even more involved if you bet on the outcome. You can bet on which team will win or you can even bet on each player with online betting services. The possibilities are endless.

There are many online betting services available that will allow you to make bets from the comfort of your own home. These online betting services offer live betting features, which means that you can make a bet at any time during the game, and football betting with Paddy Power free bet offer deals that will sweeten the pot.

To fully understand the odds involved with your bets, it’s important to understand the various different types of tactics that can be employed by each team. This will make it easier to follow the game and determine the outcome. One of the most interesting tactics is known as the offside trap.

What’s an Offside Trap?

An offside trap is a tactic employed by teams to win back the ball effortlessly. They may not even need to tackle the other team.

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This trap basically involves placing the other team’s player in an offside position. This position is between the team’s goal and their last defender. If a team player from the opposing side is in that position when the ball is played to them, they will get a penalty. The referee will then reward the defending team with a free kick.

What’s Needed for a Successful Offside Trap?

Pulling off the offside trap is easier said than done. It’s not as easy as it looks since the entire team needs to move coherently, and need to be aware of the situation. To run a successful offside trap, the team must:

  • Have fairly decent communication with one another
  • Be able to move as a unit and as one

It’s hard to pull off an offside trap because all of the team’s defenders must be able to move up at the exact same pace and at the exact same time. If they make even one small mistake, they may accidentally place a striker from the opposing team onside.

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When Has the Offside Trap Been Successfully Pulled Off?

Watch the games closely, and you’ll see some teams pull off the offside trap perfectly. In fact, the kings of this tactic is probably Empoli. They were able to successfully pull off this achievement 160 times within just 38 games. This is quite a remarkable achievement.

If you follow football games, it’s a good idea to also keep track of which teams are trained to pull this tactic off. This way, you’ll know whether they’re likely to succeed or not. It takes a lot of planning to get it right. Teams that have perfected this skill in the past will likely succeed, as they know what it takes.


Understanding the various game plan and tactics can give you a better appreciation of the game. You’ll be able to follow various logics, and bet on the type of formations and moves that the team will choose.

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