Kevin De Bruyne discussing tactics ahead of Manchester City vs Arsenal [VIDEO]


In the latest episode of Sky’s Matchzone, Kevin De Bruyne dissects his new role at Manchester City this season and how the whole teams adjusts in-game to various situations. De Bruyne, this season has moved into a deeper midfield role and has excelled in it. He is the heart of this rampaging Manchester City and listening to him talk about how the whole team is playing at the moment gives us an excellent insight into Pep’s tactics.

It is pretty evident from this video that De Bruyne has completely bought into Pep’s philosophy and tactics. Currently, City’s whole team is in sync with what Pep wants from them and it is showing on the pitch. Whether this team will match up with what Pep’s Barcelona side did, remains to be seen but certainly at the moment they are the best in England. Hopefully this video will encourage more and more players to come forward and talk about tactics which will give us a completely different perspective into how football is played.

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