How could Keane & Klaasen fit? Everton’s new look 4-3-3 formation in 2017/18


Everton have been the busiest among the Premier League clubs so far in the transfer window. They have made 5 major signings but the futures of players like Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkeley are still unclear. It would be a surprise if Lukaku doesn’t leave this summer as it seems like Everton have already spent the money they would receive from Lukaku’s transfer. They have chosen to follow the Spurs template who when they sold Gareth Bale chose to improve the whole squad rather than replacing one superstar with another. This approach has paid off for Spurs although they had a few hiccups on the way and Everton have chosen the same approach in their attempt to break into the top 4 in the Premier League.

The three man midfield of Gueye-Klaassen-Schneiderlin has the potential to become one of the best midfields in the Premier League. Backed up by a solid defence and a highly talented goalie in Pickford, Everton have the potential to break at least into the top 6 this season. They have been heavily reliant on Lukaku’s goals for the past few seasons and need to find someone to replace him. Koeman is expected to go in with a 4-3-3 as Everton’s formation in the 2017/18 season. It is the best formation to fit in all the highly talented midfielders and also give some additional freedom to the forwards.

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