3 Manchester United Players who urgently need replacing in the summer transfer window


Win the Europa League final and Jose Mourinho can claim that Manchester United have had a successful season. They certainly will end the season with 2 major trophies and a Champions League spot, but those wins just paper over the cracks. United still remain a disjointed team with no clear style. The win against Chelsea was fantastic but that again involved stopping a team rather playing them off the park. We look at three crucial players at United who need to be replaced in the summer.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

There has been criticism of the Swede this season for the numerous chances he has wasted but the fact remains that he was the only constant source of goals for United this season. United need to replace him with an proven goalscorer as Rashford is still too young and inexperienced and Rooney is certainly on his way out.

Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick has been the mainstay in United’s midfield for more than a decade now. But United need to buy a midfielder who can play his role. Midfield balance is something Mourinho needs to get right next season, especially to get the best out of Paul Pogba.

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Wayne Rooney

Easily Rooney’s worst season at Manchester United, he has been eased out of the first team by Mourinho. His decline was clear to see from 3 seasons back, but both Moyes and Van Gaal couldn’t ease him out of the team which Mourinho has managed to do, but replacing him will certainly won’t be easy.


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