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Reddit is an online platform for football coaches and tacticians to create and organize their tactics, formations,drills,training’s,etc . At the same time, they become part of an ever-growing community with coaches from all over the world and can benefit from the exchange with hundreds of coaches from all levels of experience. All training aspects are stored in one, digital work space. From creating football exercises or animations, full sessions and team management, everything can be used across all devices wherever and whenever it is needed. If you register as a member, you become part of an international football community, which is characterized by exchange and cooperation. Similar to social networking sites, provides the ability to share knowledge privately or publicly. is like a virtual club house where you exchange information, discuss knowledge, share with each other and get inspired. Actually, everything remains as it always was. Only digital, bigger and more international! Some key features:

  • Advanced exercise editor and animation tool that runs on all devices
  • Database full of practices by trainers for trainers
  • Training organizer with calendar providing easy to follow overviews
  • Social network for exchange between coaches worldwide
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Football bloggers and tacticians can use this tool to create formations,lineups, tactical movements, etc. Using the animation feature, one can also create player movements and runs. football drawing-tool: Try it out and draw your own football exercises and tactics and save it on  


Try out all the premium features of for free for 30 days.

According to Dominic Garms, one of the founders of “Now, we have finalized our new design and brought the app into the iOS and Andoid store, we can really focus on what we are specialized in – simplifying football training procedures.”

In the near future, education through player involvement as an individual, but also the integrated coaching network, will be put more into focus. For a long time it has been criticized, that in real amateur grassroots-football, there is no need for new technology and coaches don’t want to share their methods. But in a time where coaches are still coaching because of the love for the sport while the competition between teams is growing and training methods are varying, new training inspiration is always needed.

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Coaches are able to implement new training ideas directly in their session with exercises from others on It works! So far the public database has collected more than 14.000 international exercises in just one year.

As a coach, it is important to be adaptable and prepared. The session may be with fewer players than expected, the team might be on a motivational low or a quick idea on how to train transition game is needed. Now there is
Performance tests like running tests or video analysis have always been implemented during training. So far the problem has been on how to store the results and, even more important, how to use all the data. could be the ideal partner for you as a coach.

Further information:
More information on planet.traning platform, see Of course, they are available directly via email for all kinds of questions, suggestions and criticism.

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