Mourinho had to console midfielder after only two players turned up for his birthday


In journalist Robert Beasley’s new book, it has been revealed that Jose Mourinho was angered by the fact that only Luka Modric and Ricardo Carvalho turned up for Essien’s party. The book, which is yet to be released has already caused controversy by alleging that Mourinho once threatened to punch Wenger’s face. There has so far been no denial or confirmation from Mourinho where as Wenger has opted to stay silent.

Mourinho has always built a good team spirit even though he ends up alienating some players and then ends up losing the dressing room at the end of his tenure. But at Porto and Inter, there was an immense respect for Mourinho and the team always played as an unit. Manchester United easily has been his most difficult till date, with the initial controversy over Bastian Schweinsteiger’s exclusion and now with all the focus over Wayne Rooney’s selection. Rooney’s perception among United fans will help out Mourinho as Rooney has enough chances for the past three years to prove himself but has failed miserably. So there won’t be any protests from the Old Trafford faithful if Rooney’s permanently relegated to a role on the bench.

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