How Can Football Fans Make Money From Their Passion?


Football is absolutely huge all over the country, and the amounts of money that get passed around is mind-blowing. For most people, the best way to make money from the sport is to be skilled, healthy and lucky enough to build a career around playing football. As a fan, you may not really be geared up for this. Still, there are ways through which a football fanatic can make money from their favorite pastime without ever having to play.


Perhaps the most commonly asked question is whether it’s possible to make money from gambling. The answer is yes- it is practically possible to generate cash from betting on football. Sites like Coral Betting allow punters to bet on any team in various leagues.

As a fan, your knowledge of the game could help you predict the probable outcome for certain fixtures. This would involve devising a system that takes into account aspects like stats, ratings, experience and other quantitative factors. Having come up with this, you can now develop a staking plan that will help you become profitable over the long term.


Here, you simply take your knowledge of football and write about any aspect of the game on a blog. Football is a sport where opinions are highly significant. With this in mind, you can shape the content of your blog to match opinions which would interest other people that share (or disagree with) the said views. You can choose between reviewing individual games, commenting on the season and the general state of affairs in the sport.

Setting up a blog isn’t that difficult; you will only need a voice and dedication. Typically, the audience will be looking for scores, news and views. The key is to find a niche that’s little explored or one which you’re well familiar with. Having set up the blog, you can then promote it via social media in order to gain followers. To make money, you can monetize your blog with contextual advertising or taking part in affiliate programs for match tickets.

Run a Fantasy Football Site

Fantasy football has become highly popular among football fans all over. So why not set up a site that revolves around fantasy leagues? The site could generate money through advertising, offering membership at an added value and affiliating with certain vendors of tickets and football-related products. Though it takes a bit of work to make such a site successful, it can generate a large, loyal audience and revenue if done right.

Become an Online Commentator

If you fancy yourself as somewhat of an expert, why not try online commentary? It’s possible to make money by closely following various games and thereafter giving some kind of analysis. You can either use audio or video to pass on your thoughts and knowledge on these games to the audience. You simply need to open a channel on a platform like YouTube then start offering your commentary in the form of short videos. Here, you can access a large audience and it’s also easy to monetize via the platform’s advert system.

While you may not be blessed with insane talent or charisma, it’s still possible to turn your passion for football into a money maker. All you need is to find a way to mold it into a medium that generates revenue. Though the average fan may not necessarily make millions, it’s still possible to make some cash by delving into one’s skill set and employing a bit of persistence

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