Euro 2016 Semifinals- Portugal Vs Wales:Preview


World’s two costliest transfers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale will face off in a historic semifinal. Wales have had an extraordinary tournament and if they win 2 more matches, it will be one of the most extraordinary achievements in modern day football. Portugal on the hand have huffed and puffed through the tournament and have been really lucky with the draw too.

portugal v wales

Cristiano Ronaldo has not hit the peak of his powers this tournament but it doesn’t take much for him to light up a  game. Winning the Euros will seal his place as an all time great and some may even place him above Lionel Messi. Wales will miss Aaron Ramsey who is suspended for this game and this will certainly tilt the odds in favour of Portugal, you can checkout the  best odds for the game at SmartBets .

The other semifinal is the big one between France and Germany and many believe that this will be a pseudo-final where the winner of this game will easily win the title. Germany is looking to emulate Spain by winning both the World Cup and the Euro.

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