3 Ferguson signings Mourinho will sell immediately if he becomes Man United manager


Louis Van Gaal is still confident that he will stay on as Manchester United manager for the next year, much to the horror of the majority of United fans. United under Van Gaal have spent a great amount of money but the results and the quality of football being played is horribly poor. The squad too is still unbalanced and Van Gaal when criticised comes up with new excuses to blame everyone and everything, except himself. If Mourinho comes to Old Trafford, he needs to clear a lot of under-performing players and bring his own transfers in. Alex Ferguson when compared to Van Gaal has done some excellent business in the transfer window but some of his signings at the end of his tenure have not been upto the mark and Mourinho would want to sell them before bringing in his own players.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones has been given enough number of chances but his injury record and his failure to show improvement means that he no longer can be afforded any more chances at Old Trafford.

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Ashley Young

The former Villa winger had an excellent year last season but injuries have curtailed his involvement this season and with age no longer on his side, it is time for United to sell the winger.

Michael Carrick

Carrick’s contract is expiring this summer and although many fans want him to sign an extension, someone practical like Jose Mourinho wouldn’t do so. With Bastian Schweinsteiger in the squad, there is nothing different Carrick brings to the table.

2 Responses

  1. gI am totally convinced by Van Gall’s utterances, selections and tactics, that he is showing signs of dementia. There is no consistency or sense in anything,he says and does. Anyone who has anyone close going through, or has gone through this illness will have noticed this. It is hard to detect initially and is quite comical, but the more you watch and listen, the more apparent it is.
    This is not a joke,I am being very serious. He will deny this strongly, but he reacts very strangely to simple questions.He has always been an ego and a whack job, but he is now getting progressively worse.
    Anyone who gives him another year, needs to have their head examined too. Help this man
    and get him treatment.
    And yes, Young, Jones, Varella, Rojo, Memphis, Mata, Herrera,Powell, Felony, Wilson, Lingard, Schweinsteiger, Blackett, Januzai
    and Romero, who makes me nervous seeing him warm up, need to go. Too many good kids need the break and two new strikers,3 to 4 new midfielders, 2 new centre backs can do the rest

  2. That man LVG is totally bonkers. He must retire asap. He is too arrogant and his ego is bigger than his head. Pleeeease get rid of him.

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