Shocker! Arsene Wenger now blames Arsenal fans for the failed title challenge


Arsene Wenger who is facing immense pressure from fan groups to quit has asked the fans to respect values of the club and support the players. Number of fan groups have decided to protest at the game against Norwich after yet another season of promise is ending in failure and a battle to finish fourth. Although Arsenal might need someone new as the manager, the way the fans are protesting, it will only damage the chances of Arsenal qualifying for the Champions League.

Speaking on the protests, Wenger said,

“When a club cannot enjoy anything any more, it is in trouble, and we have to not forget that in football you go down very quickly and you come up very slowly.”

“We lost the championship at home against lower teams, but we played sometimes at home in a very difficult climate. Away we are championship winners.

“The club has very special values and one is to stick together and support the team – there is no success otherwise.”

Arsenal did have to play at the Emirates in a difficult atmosphere which helped the opposition more than the home team. But blaming the atmosphere and the home fans when year after year, Wenger has refused to spend money and sign the right the players is just deflecting the blame. Wenger still maintains that the owners are supportive and there always has been money to spend if the right player arrives. But this is an answer, Arsenal fans have been tired of hearing for the past decade and one cannot blame them for wanting Wenger to leave.

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