This Man United player will be sold immediately if Mourinho is appointed as manager



Juan Mata was sold to Manchester United by Jose Mourinho who deemed the Spaniard not useful for Chelsea. This was  a strange move as Mata was a two time winner of the club’s annual best player award and played integral part in Chelsea’ successes. But Mourinho sale in hindsight has proved correct as the Spaniard has struggled at United although he still has an impressive return in terms of goals and assists. Mata has failed to assert himself at United and of course a lot of this is due to poor management by both Moyes and Van Gaal. If Mourinho comes to United, Mata has a huge task of reinventing himself or else he will be sold off by Mourinho for the second time in his career.


After so many years under Fergie who relished giving his players freedom to express themselves, United erred in a big way by appointing Moyes and Van Gaal as their next two managers. Moyes was not able to figure out what he wanted the players to do,where as Van Gaal’s firm but ignorant belief in his philosophy led to all of United’s creative players being nulled. Van Gaal’s system doesn’t allow someone like Mata to thrive as the Spaniard doesn’t find space and players moving around dynamically in such a rigid formation. Unfortunately Mourinho who is currently the favorite to replace Van Gaal also doesn’t rate Mata highly. Mata can’t play in midfield as part of a 4-3-3 as it will be deemed to risky. Also he is too slow and physically weak to play as the winger in a Mourinho’s 4-3-3 as the Portuguese prefers strong and pacy wingers who also can pull off a defensive shift.

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