Breaking- Star striker wants to move to Man United but wants Van Gaal to be sacked!


Sky Sports has reported that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ready to move to Manchester United only if Van Gaal doesn’t remain as the striker next year. This will be a dream transfer for many United fans as everyone wants Van Gaal to sacked at the moment.


Zlatan and Mourinho have worked before and they share a great relationship which could be rekindled if both of them end up at Manchester United. The Swede is leaving PSG this summer with his contract coming to an end. Although at 34, he may not last much longer, he is still an effective striker and certainly better than anybody United have got at the moment. Zlatan and Van Gaal don’t share a good relationship back from his days at Ajax and this might be one of the reasons he has put forward this condition. After the 3-0 defeat against Tottenham, Van Gaal most certainly will leave United at the end of this season.

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