Bad news for Man United- Real Madrid will target their star this summer


Last summer’s biggest transfer story for Manchester United was the failed transfer of David De Gea. The goalkeeper again is easily United’s best player this season and has single-handedly won many points for the club. Although Real’s current goalkeeper Keylor Navas has been outstanding, the Spanish giants are set to target De Gea again this summer. De Gea potentially the future Spanish captain is very important to Real Madrid after Iker Casillas has left the club.

Ramon Calderon,the former Real president has claimed to Talksport,”‘Apparently there is some agreement,’

‘They had a deal from last summer for him to come, but I can’t tell you as I don’t have personal knowledge of that.’

United fans will be worried about Real Madrid again snatching one of their best players but United can ask for Keylor Navas to be included in the deal who is an outstanding goalkeeper himself. Navas pulled off many stunning saves as Real beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou. But for any foreign goalkeeper, adjusting to the Premier League takes time as the league is more physical and you will have to deal with a lot of aerial balls. United fans will remember David De Gea himself struggling in his first season at Old Trafford.

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