Man Utd star hints about Jose Mourinho on social media


Guillermo Varela intentionally or not has dropped a huge hint on Twitter regarding the next manager of Manchester United.


Although this doesn’t confirm anything, United’s decision to release the pre season promo video without Van Gaal definitely says a lot. Last season, the same promo had Van Gaal in it,so either United have already decided to part ways with the Dutchman or they are still undecided.

Manchester United might end up qualifying for the Champions League and Van Gaal may look at it like a success. The fact remains that the Dutchman has lowered expectations so much that a victory over a Danish club is now celebrated like a victory over Barcelona,Real or Bayern. The performance against Liverpool in the Europa League was one of the worst ever by a United side against their great rivals. What made the performance look even worse was that even with Klopp,this was one of the worst ever Liverpool sides United faced in recent times and had to depend on De Gea to maintain a respectable scoreline.  But the effect Klopp has had on Liverpool is completely different from what Van Gaal has done to Manchester United. Klopp this summer will be more active in recruiting players suited to his style and Liverpool next season will be even better than this year. Van Gaal on the other hand has already spent 250 million pounds and the squad remains unbalanced as ever.

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