Angry Man Utd fans react on Twitter after loss against Sunderland


Manchester United timidly lost out to Sunderland which effectively ended their chance of a top four finish unless one of the other teams has a complete breakdown over the next two months. Even United’s captain Rooney admitted that the easiest way for United to get into the Champions League would be to win the Europa league which is easier said than done. They way Manchester United are playing at the moment they would be risking humiliation if they end up facing teams like Napoli and Dortmund in the Europa league.

Ed Woodward has so far made big errors which is going to cost United for some more time. Even if United attract a top level manager after Van Gaal, they won’t be attracting the best players in Europe because they have failed to qualify for the Champions League. Van Gaal should have been sacked before the new year which Woodward failed to do so. There would be no other club in world football which wouldn’t have sacked Van Gaal in that position especially when you have Jose Mourinho interested in the same job. Although reports have said that Mourinho is going to take over in July,it remains to be seen whether that happens. Woodward for some strange reason seems to still believe that Van Gaal is the right man for the job.

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